Part 1 Science and Technology to Be Created and Promoted together with Society Preface

White Paper on Science and Technology 2011

Chapter 1 Science and Technology with Society

Section 1 The Expectations of Society and S&T

  1. Public Awareness of S&T
  2. Various Issues Facing Society

Section 2 Promotion of S&T and Contribution to Society

  1. Efforts to Guide Science, Technology and Innovation
  2. Promotion of Green Innovation and Life Innovation
  3. Promotion of Industry-Academia Collaboration
  4. International Contributions through S&T
  5. Promotion of Basic Research
  6. Fostering Global Level Young Researchers
  7. Participation of Researchers in Humanities and Social Science Fields

Section 3 Deepening the Relationship Between S&T with Society

  1. Recent Trends on the Relationship of S&T with Society
  2. History of S&T and Society in Europe and America
  3. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) Arising from Contact with S&T
  4. Risk-related Efforts

Chapter 2 Toward Strengthening Communication with Society

Section 1 Possibilities of S&T Communication

  1. Policy Trends Regarding Developments in S&T Communication
  2. Significance of S&T Communication

Section 2 Toward the Construction of New Relationship of Society with S&T

  1. Cultivating S&T Literacy
  2. Current Situation and Future Developments of “S&T Communication” Activities

Chapter 3 To Create the Future together with Society

Section 1 Accomplishing Targets by Utilizing S&T Involving Society and its People

  1. S&T Consulting Rooms for Residents for Solving Regional Social Problems
  2. Activities to Accomplish Targets by Utilizing S&T in Cooperation with Society and the Public

Section 2 New Policy Making Process – Constructing a Better Relationship with Society

  1. Toward Policy Making Based on the Voices of Society
  2. “Science for Policy” in Science ,Technology and Innovation Policies

Section 3 New Horizons Arising from Dialogues, Mutual Understanding and Participation

Part 2 Measures Implemented to Promote Science and Technology

Chapter 1 Development of Science and Technology Policy

Section 1 The S&T Basic Plan

Section 2 Council for Science and Technology Policy

  1. Major Projects of Council for S&T Policy FY 2010
  2. Strategic Priority Setting and Comprehensive Promotion in S&T Policy
  3. Major Points to Be Discussed in Expert Panels

Section 3 Administrative Structure and Budget for S&T

  1. Administrative Structure for S&T
  2. S&T Budget

Chapter 2 Strategic Priority Setting in S&T

Section 1 Promotion of Basic Research

Section 2 Priority Setting in R&D for Policy-oriented Subjects

  1. Life Sciences
  2. Information and Telecommunications
  3. Environmental Sciences
  4. Nanotechnology and Materials
  5. Energy
  6. Manufacturing Technology
  7. Social Infrastructure
  8. Frontier Science

 [Transdisciplinary areas]

  1. Key Technologies of National Importance
  2. S&T for Safety and Security

Chapter 3 S&T System Reform

Section 1 Fostering, Securing, and Activating Human Resources

  1. Establishing an Environment that Enables Individuals to Play Active Roles
  2. Strengthening the Human Resource Development Function of Universities
  3. Development of Human Resources that Meet Social Needs
  4. Expanding the Range of Next-generation S&T-related Human Resources

Section 2 Development of Science and Persistent Innovation

  1. Developing a Competitive Environment
  2. Enhancing the Competitiveness of Universities
  3. Enhancing Systems for Creating Innovation
  4. Building Regional Innovation Systems and Creating Regions with Vitality
  5. Effective and Efficient Implementation of R&D

Section 3 Reinforcing the Platform for the Promotion of Science and Technology

  1. Strategic and Prioritized Improvement of Facilities and Equipments
  2. Enhancement of the Intellectual Infrastructure
  3. Creation, Protection and Utilization of Intellectual Properties
  4. Active Efforts towards Standardization
  5. Improvement of the Research Information Infrastructure
  6. Promotion of the Activities of Academic Societies
  7. Promotion of Research and Development at Public Research Institutions

Section 4 Strategic Promotion of International Activities

  1. Improvement of the Environment for the Enhancement of S&T Diplomacy and International Activities, and the Promotion of Researcher Exchanges
  2. Cooperation with Countries Abroad
  3. Systematic Efforts for International Activities

Chapter 4 Science and Technology Supported by Society and the Public

  1. Responsible Approaches to Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in S&T
  2. Accountability in S&T and Improvement of Information Dissemination
  3. Improving Public Awareness of S&T


Strategic Programs Division(research and evaluation)Science and Technology Policy Bureau

(Strategic Programs Division(research and evaluation)Science and Technology Policy Bureau)