1.Links to MEXT Website

Advance permission linking to MEXT website is not necessary in principle, (links to individual information, not limited to the website’s top page receive the same treatment) provided that this shall not apply to links to information which include annotations on limits to information access and others. When linking to MEXT website the user must:
1 .Clearly specify link to MEXT website.
2. MEXT website may not be inserted into other websites.

Please use the following graphic image when using the MEXT logo to link to our website. Users are free to use the MEXT logo, provided that it is not used for any other purposes other than linking to our website.(MEXT Logo)

Banner image
the link
Large size banner
size 273×50px
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Small size banner
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2.Copyright Policy

All individual information on this website is subject to copyrights. Moreover, the entire MEXT website is subject to copyright protection as a compilation, and is protected by the Japanese Copyright Act and international treaties.
Upon using the contents of this website, please comply with the MEXT Website Usage Policy.

MEXT Website Usage Policy


Although MEXT takes all possible measures to maintain the accuracy of information posted on its website, MEXT bears no responsibility for any actions of those utilizing information on MEXT website.


Please note that the contents of MEXT website may be altered or deleted without prior notification.

(Minister’s Secretariat, Management and Coordination Division, Office for Public Relations and the Press)