-Sports Community - Nippon-

26th August
2010Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology




1.Goals of the Strategy for Sports Nation

2.Basic concept

3.Goals of the five key policies and main measures

  1. Creation of athletic participation opportunities proportional to life stage
  2. Development and reinforcement of top athletes to compete on the world stage
  3. Creation of a “virtuous cycle” through cooperation and collaboration within the sports industry
  4. Measures to increase transparency, fairness and equity in the sports industry
  5. Measures to develop infrastructure to ensure support for sports from the entire society

4.Development of the government framework for implementation of the Strategy for Sports Nation and future plan

  1. Efficient utilization of the national sports promotion fund
  2. Organizational structure to promote the comprehensive national sports policy
  3. Formulation of the Basic Sports Act and related legislation
  4. Future activities

Reference:Summary of the results of the interview questionnaire conducted during the process of formulating the Strategy for Sports Nation

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(Policy Planning Division, Sports and Youth Bureau)