June 15, 2018
Government of Japan

Table of Contents


Part 1: Future Direction of Educational Policies in Japan

1.Outcome of Past Activities
2.Issues to be Addressed Based on the Current Situation and Changes in Society in and after 2030

1.Hold dreams and ambitions and foster abilities necessary to realize possibilities.
2.Foster diversified abilities to lead sustainable development of society
3.Develop environment where people can learn and play active roles throughout life
4.Build safety nets for learning so that everyone can be a leader of society
5.Develop foundation for implementation of educational policies

1.Implementation of Educational Policies Focused on Objective Evidence
2.Methods of Educational Investment
3.Creation of Education for the Next Generation in View of the Coming of a New Era

Part 2: Goals and Measures for Educational Policies for Over the Next Five Years

<Mainly in Elementary and Secondary Education Stage>
Target (1) Fostering Solid Academic Abilities
Target (2) Fostering Richness in Humanity
Target (3) Fostering Sound Bodies
<Mainly at the Higher Education Stage>
Target (4) Acquisition of Ability to Detect and Resolve Problems

<Stages of Our Lives>
Target (5) Fostering Abilities and Attitudes Towards Social and Vocational Independence
Target (6) Increasing Educational Abilities of Home and Community, and Promotion of Cooperation and Collaboration with Schools

Target (7) Fostering Human Resources Who Can Act Globally
Target (8) Fostering Human Resources Who Lead Innovation Through Graduate Education Reform, etc.
Target (9) Fostering Human Resources in Various Fields, including Sports, Culture, etc.

Target (10) Promotion of Lifelong Learning Towards the Period in Which People Live 100 Years
Target (11) Promotion of Learning for the Improvement of People ‘s Lives and the Sustainable Development of Society
Target (12) Promotion of Re-learning of Working People to Acquire the Knowledge and Skills Necessary for Work Throughout their Lifetime
Target (13) Promotion of Lifelong Learning of People with Disabilities

Target (14) Response to Economic Situation at Home and Geographical Conditions
Target (15) Provision of Educational Opportunities Responding to Diversified Needs

Target (16) Development of Sustainable School Guidance System Towards Education in a New Period
Target (17) Development of Foundation for the Use of ICT
Target (18) Development of Safe, Secure, and Quality Education and Research Environments
Target (19) Securing the safety of students in elementary schools and lower and upper secondary schools
Target (20) System Reform of Higher Education Towards Strengthening the Foundation of Education and Research
Target (21) Overseas Development of Japanese-Style Education and Internationalization of Education in Japan

(Education Policy Bureau Policy Division)