1. The Significance of Sport
  2. Objective of the Plan
  3. Major Problems of the Plan
  4. Nature of the Plan
  5. Plan Implementation

2.Policies for the Deployment of the Sports Promotion Measures

1.Policies for Improving Regional Sports Environments with a View to Achieving Lifelong Participation in Sport

A.Measures Essential for Achieving the Policy Goals
  • Nationwide Deployment of Comprehensive Community Sports Clubs
B.Fundamental Measures for Achieving the Policy Targets

(1) Training and Securing of Sports Instructors
(2) Expansion of Sports Facilities
(3) Providing Accurate Sports Information in the Local Community
(4) Review of Regional Sports Administration in Accordance with the Needs of Local Communities

2.Measures Aimed at an Overall Improvement in Japan's International Competitiveness

A. Measures Essential for Achieving the Policy Goals

(1) Establishment of Optimal Training Programs
(2) Development of Training Centers
(3) Developing and Securing Instructors
(4) Creating of an Environment for the Exclusive Safe Use by Athletes for Training

B.Necessary Collateral Measures to Ensure Attainment of the Policy Targets

(1) Use of Sports Medicine and Science
(2) Promoting Anti-Doping Measures
(3) Smooth Organization of Sports Events on an International and Nationwide Scale
(4) Promoting a Greater Contribution from Professional Sports Athletes to Society

3.Measures to Promote a Closer Link between Lifelong and Competitive Sports and School Education and School Sports

A.Essential Policies Required for Achieving the Policy Targets

(1) Fostering a Closer Link between the Schools and our Local Communities in order to Help our Children Achieve a Fulfilled Sports Life
(2) Promoting a Closer Link between the Schools and the Sports Associations with a View to Upgrading International Competitiveness

B. Fundamental Policy Measures Required for Achieving the Policy Targets

(1) Enhancing School Education to Let Pupils Enjoy Exercise and Cultivate their Talents, Abilities and Stamina
(2) Increasing PE Instructor Staff at the Schools and Upgrading the School Facilities
(3) Improvement and Upgrading of the School Sports Clubs

(Policy Planning Division, Sports and Youth Bureau)