March 4, 2022

 The Japanese National Commission for UNESCO (JNCU) has grave concerns about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine and strongly supports UNESCO’s statements of February 24* and March 3**, 2022.

 JNCU condemns the aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation in the strongest terms, and together with the other National Commissions for UNESCO of member states, expresses our unity with the citizens of Ukraine. We also express our solidarity with citizens, including cultured persons, scientists, educators, and students and pupils, around the world who protest this aggression.

 JNCU deeply deplores this situation and urges the efforts on peaceful resolution through dialogue and negotiation to prevent any more loss of precious lives.

Chairperson, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO

*UNESCO’s statement on the recent developments in Ukraine | UNESCO 別ウィンドウで開きます
**Ukraine: UNESCO statement following the adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution | UNESCO 別ウィンドウで開きます