Toward a Robust and Resilient Society – Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (GEJE)–

 White Paper on Science and Technology 2012

Part 1 Toward a Robust and Resilient Society~ Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake ~

Chapter 1 Review of the Response to the GEJE

Section 1 Impact of the GEJE and Responses to it

  1. Impact of the GEJE
  2. Responses to the GEJE and Various Challenges

Section 2 S&T Policy at Stake

  1. Change in the Public Awareness of S&T
  2. S&T Policy Issues Raised after the GEJE

Chapter 2 Reforming the STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) Policy in order to Form a Robust and Resilient Society

Section 1 Rebuilding the Society and the Role of S&T after the GEJE

Section 2 Examples of STI to Overcome the Problems

  1. Advanced Efforts for Achieving Tasks
  2. R&D Contribution to the Recovery and Reconstruction of Businesses in Disaster-hit Area

Section 3 Future Improvements to the STI Policy ~ to Overcome the Problems Caused by the GEJE ~

  1. Promotion of STI in Response to Social Needs
  2. Toward Renewing Society’s Trust in S&T

Conclusion (PDF:150KB)

Part 2 Measures Implemented to Promote Science and Technology

Chapter 1 Development of Science and Technology Policy

Section 1 The S&T Basic Plan

Section 2 Council for Science and Technology Policy

  1. Major Project of Counl for S&T Policy FY 2011
  2. Strategic Priority Setting and Comprehensive Promotion in S&T Policy
  3. Major Points to Be Discussed in Expert Panels

Section 3 Administrative Structure and Budget for S&T

  1. Administrative Structure for S&T
  2. S&T Budget

Chapter 2 Realization of Sustainable Growth and Societal Development into the Future

Section 1 Realization of Recovery and Restoration from the Earthquake Disaster

  1. Promotion of Measures to Accomplish the Important Issues
  2. System Reform for Restoration and Recovery from Earthquake Disaster

Section 2 Promotion of Green Innovation

  1. Promotion of Measures to Accomplish Important Issues
  2. System reforms for promotion of green innovation

Section 3 Promotion of Life Innovations

  1. Promotion of Measures to Solve Critical Issues on Life Innovations
  2. Systemic Reform for the Promotion of Life Innovations

Section 4 Systemic Reforms for the Promotion of Science and Technology Innovations

  1. Reinforcement of Systems to Strategically Promote Science and Technology Innovations
  2. Establishment of New System for Science and Technology Innovations

Chapter 3 Response to Critical Issues Facing Japan

Section 1 Promotion of Measures Taken to Solve Critical Issues

  1. Realization of a Safe, Comfortable and High-quality Life for the Japanese Public
  2. Strengthening Japan's Competiveness in Industries
  3. Contribution to Solution of Global Issues
  4. Conservation of the Foundation of the Nation's Existence
  5. Enhancement and Strengthening of the S&T Common Platform

Section 2 System Reform to Overcome Critical Problems

  1. System Reform to Promote Problem-solving Based R&D
  2. Establishment of a System to Promote R&D Led by the Government

Section 3 Strategic Development of International Activities

  1. Promotion of R&D Aimed at Solving Common Issues across Asian
  2. New Developments of S&T Diplomacy

Chapter 4 Enhancement of Basic Research and Human Resources

Section 1 Drastic Enhancement of Basic Research

  1. Enhancement of Creative and Diverse Basic Research
  2. Enhancement of World Class Basic Research

Section 2 Development of Human Resources that can Lead S&T

  1. Development of Human Resources Capable of Working Actively in Diverse Scenes
  2. Training for Creative, Quality Researchers
  3. Development of Human Resources Who Can Lead the Next Generation

Section 3 Establishment of a World-Class Research Environment and Infrastructure

  1. Improvement of R&D Environments at Universities and Public Research Organizations
  2. Enhancement of Intellectual Infrastructure
  3. Enhancement of Research Information Infrastructure

Chapter 5 Development and Promotion of Policy in Collaboration with Society

Section 1 Deepening the Relations between the Society and Science, Technology and Innovation 287

  1. Promotion of STI Policies from the Public Viewpoint
  2. Promotion of S&T Communication Activities

Section 2 Promotion of Effective STI policies

  1. Enhancement of Policy Planning, Making and Promotional Functions
  2. Enhancement of the Assessment and Allocation Functions in the Research Funding System
  3. Enhancement of R&D Implementation Systems
  4. Establishment of PDCA Cycle in STI Policy

Section 3 Expansion of Research and Development Investment


Strategic Programs Division(research and evaluation)Science and Technology Policy Bureau

(Strategic Programs Division(research and evaluation)Science and Technology Policy Bureau)