Basic research stemming from the free ideas of researchers is based on spontaneity and creativity. Through the creation of new knowledge, it contributes to the expansion of intellectual assets shared by all humanity. MEXT therefore works to promote academic research at sites such as universities and inter-university research institutes through secure mechanisms to support basic costs and enhancing Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Large-scale, unique, and advanced basic research that inspires people with hopes and dreams, such as neutrino research seeking clues to the origin of the universe and accelerator-based scientific research aimed at discovering the ultimate structure of matter is being carried out at universities and inter-university research institutes.

 Basic research plays an important role in social and economic development through the creation of innovation. In addition to goal-oriented research funded through competitive grants such as Basic Research Programs, MEXT promotes research aimed at achieving policy goals including the development of innovative environmental technologies at independent administrative institutions for research and development such as RIKEN.

(Research Promotion Bureau)