Information division promotes research, development, and enhancement of information science technology which includes computing science and science information infrastructure. 

Promoting Research and Development in Information Science and Technology

 Information science and technology, including innovative computing technology, data analysis technology and network technology, are the key to deriving successful results in various fields and are basic technologies indispensable for achieving Society 5.0, which aims to balance economic development and solution of social problems through the integration of cyberspace and physical space. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) has come to attract people's attention as a result of advancement in hardware to process big data and progress in machine learning including deep learning, and R&D on AI has been picking up steam around the world. MEXT is promoting R&D and social applications of AI technologies by comprehensively facilitating R&D on innovative basic technologies centered on the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP Center) and funding for challenging research themes. Besides, powerful computational infrastructure is also indispensable to building Society5.0. RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) and Fujitsu Limited has jointly developed the supercomputer "Fugaku" with versatility at the world's top level, which has taken the top spots on the TOP500, HPCG, HPL-AI and Graph500 in June 2020, and “Fugaku” will become fully operational in FY2021 . MEXT is working to promote scientific researches by building a High-Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) in which supercomputers at several national universities and research institutes including “Fugaku” (in future) are connected through the Science Information NETwork (SINET5) and, make various computing resources available responding to user needs.


Infrastructure Development for Strengthening the Capacity of International Scholarly Communication

[Science Information Infrastructure Working Group, Council for Science and Technology, July 2012]

(Information Division, Research Promotion Bureau)