Promotion of collaboration among schools, families, and communities

 In light of the provisions of Article 13 (Partnership and Cooperation among Schools, Families, and Local Residents) of the Basic Act on Education, it is important for all of society to strive to improve education and to create environments where whole communities are involved in raising children.

 Accordingly, MEXT has been promoting measures to realize education in which schools, families, and communities cooperate. These include School Support Regional Headquarters and Program to Promote After-School Classes for Children (After-School Plan for Children) that provide children with experiences and learning in cooperation with people in local communities.

Improving Educational Functions at Home

 MEXT supports voluntary initiatives in local communities so that guardians can receive information, take classes, and have a place to go for consultation. MEXT also promotes the national “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, and Don't Forget Your Breakfast” campaign in collaboration with civic groups in order to improve children's basic lifestyles. The campaign increases public awareness of the importance of basic lifestyles.

(Gender Equality Learning Division, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau)