(Budget for FY 2010: 3.8 billion yen)
(Budget for FY 2011: 5.2 billion yen)

Background and Issue

○ The New Growth Strategy (Cabinet Decision) requests that support forinternationalizing university with core projects, and for promoting exchangewith universities abroad.

○ It is necessary to support core leading universities for attaining the goal ofsending 300,000 Japanese students and workers abroad and accept 300,000 studentsfrom overseas into Japan for study and training, as the Strategy requests.



○ Support core leading univeresities which will launch projects such ascollaborative learning with Japanese and international students with no boundary, accepting international students strategically,and sending Japanese

students to give experience abroad. This project is also intended to enhance quality assurance of higher education in international framework.

【Detail of the Project】

○ Project for Promoting Universities' Activity with abroad 2.2 billion (new)

  • Promoting two-way student exchange among Japan, Asia, the United States,etc. through supporting core universities of "Campus Asia Project" anddeveloping programs for collaborative learning with universities in the UnitedStates, etc..
  • Support for core universities in the "Campus Asia Project"
    84,200 thousand yen for new 10 universities
    (79,000 thousand yen for current 6 universiites)
  • Support for Collaborative learning with universities in the United States, etc.
    84,200 thousand yen for new 10 universities

○ Project for Establishing University Network for Internationalization (Global 30))

2.9 billion yen

  • Supporting universities which will launch comprehensive internationalization including industry-academia collaboration and inter-university network for sharing resource and other outputs.
    221,600 thousand yen for current 13 universities (cont'd)

○ Holding International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education

30 million yen

  • Holding an international conference on quality assurance in highereducation, in order to establish quality assurance framework and network internationally.


○ Contributing for the goal in the New Growth Strategy of "sending 300,000Japanese students and workers abroad and accept 300,000 students from overseas into Japan for study and training"

○ Promoting Universities' Activity with Asia, etc. through establishing coreuniversities for internationalization.

(Office for International Planning, Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau)