1. Summary of the Project

The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development is a funding project that aims to overcome the Japanese younger generation's "inward tendency" and to foster human resources who can positively meet the challenges and succeed in the global field, as the basis for improving Japan’ s global competitiveness and enhancing the ties between nations. Efforts to promote the internalization of university education in Japan will be given strong, priority support.

○Type A (University-wide)
The goal is the internationalization of the entire university. The universities selected as lead schools are required to contribute to the promotion of the globalization of other universities.    

○Type B (Faculty/school-specific)
The goal is the internationalization of the specific faculties/schools. The selected universities are required to promote the globalization of the specific faculties/schools within the university, as well as to contribute to the internationalization of the university as a whole.

2. Summary of the Selection

A notification of an open call was sent to all of the national, public and private university presidents on April 23, 2012, with the deadline for the closing of the open call on June 20. After receiving 152 applications from 129 universities, the Selection Committee for the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (Chair: Shinichi Hirano, Chair Professor and Director of Hirano Institute for Materials Innovation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University) screened the applications, and 42 projects (42 universities) were selected (with an adoption rate of 27.6%) as attached.

Number of Applications and Selection/List of Selected Projects (*Link to Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

(Office for International Planning, Higher Education Policy Planning Division,Higher Education Bureau)