1. Summary of the Project

The "Re-Inventing Japan Project" – Support for the Formation of Collaborative Programs with ASEAN Universities – is a funding project that aims to foster human resources capable of being globally active, and to assure the quality of mechanisms for the mutual recognition of credits and grade management through an international framework, by giving financial support to efforts for the formation of collaborative programs with ASEAN universities that conduct study abroad programs for Japanese students and undertakes the strategic acceptance of foreign students.

○Type I
Formation of a consortium among universities in Japan and ASEAN for implementing exchange programs with the assurance of credit transfers and grade management.

○Type II
SEND program: Student Exchange - Nippon Discovery
In addition to the features specified above, the aim of this program is for Japanese students who study abroad to learn a different language and culture, and, in exchange, to assist in teaching the Japanese language and introducing Japanese culture, thus promoting cross-cultural understanding, while training them to become experts who can build cultural bridges between Japan and ASEAN countries.          

2. Summary of the Selection

A notification of an open call was sent to all of the national, public and private university presidents on April 23, 2012, with the deadline for the closing of the open call on June 6. After receiving 71 applications from 62 universities, the Selection Committee for the Re-inventing Japan Project (Chair: Shinichi Hirano, Chair Professor and Director of Hirano Institute for Materials Innovation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University) screened the applications and 14 projects (12 universities) were selected (with an adoption rate of 19.7%) as attached.

Number of Applications and Selection/List of Selected Projects (*Link to Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

(Office for International Planning, Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau)