To all international students looking forward to studying in Japan

To all international students looking forward to studying in Japan (* Link to MEXT channel on YouTube) 別ウィンドウで開きます

As an emergency preventive measure against the Omicron COVID-19 variant, from November 30 2021, the entry into Japan of all new foreign nationals, including international students, will be suspended for one month for the time being. I realize it is very regrettable that those of you who have been eagerly looking forward to studying in Japan are not able to do so just when it began to appear that you would finally be allowed entry into Japan.

I believe that for those of you who are interested in Japan and want to study here as an overseas student having the opportunity to come to Japan and actually live here, to interact with different people at your campuses and in your communities, and to deepen your understanding of Japan is very important. And we will be very glad when you play active roles in various settings as bridge-builders who understand Japan well after you graduate.

In response to this emergency measure, I hope that in the interim you will proceed with your studies utilizing online and other opportunities in your home countries. MEXT has been carrying out policies based on the Plan for 300,000 Exchange Students. Moreover, MEXT is committed to preparing platforms for providing online education content and supporting the implementing of high-quality online Japanese language education and so on. Our aim is to ensure that universities and other institutions like Japanese language institutions can provide excellent learning opportunities for international students.

And above all, when you are able to enter Japan, MEXT will make all efforts to coordinate with officials at universities and other institutions to ensure that your entry procedures will be expedited as quickly as possible.

MEXT will continue to prepare the best possible learning environment for you in anticipation of the day when you can finally study in Japan with peace of mind. I look forward to that coming day when we can meet in Japan.