December 1, 2021

MEXT will launch a new email system from January 4, 2022, incorporating the Box cloud storage system. All email attachments sent to MEXT will be automatically stored in the sender’s Box could drive, to be downloaded by the email recipient.
The new system will be implemented to enhance security, following reports that users have been affected by Malware attacks including Emotet that managed to pass through security checks particularly for emails with ZIP file attachments requiring passwords.
MEXT asks all organizations that send and receive emails from the ministry, to check if they can access the following Box URL, and confirm the screen displayed below.
For users that cannot see this screen, your organization may have access control policies for security reasons. In such case, MEXT asks users to consult with their organ’s network administrator to change the control settings.
For organizations having difficulty corresponding to the above, please consult with MEXT staff on alternative ways to transfer data.
MEXT asks for your kind cooperation and understanding for the changes in our information security countermeasures.

1. Confirmation URL

2. Confirmation screen
Confirmation screen