Since 2016, MEXT has been working on the EDU-Port Japan Project, which aims to share Japanese-style educational techniques with people in other countries. Over the past five years, approximately 79,000 people in 36 countries and regions have participated in this project. We are pleased to announce that a formal decision has been made on this year's research projects and supported projects. It is our hope that, through these projects, we will be able to build even stronger relations of trust and cooperation with other countries, and moreover, will be able to contribute to the international education environment.

EDU-Port Japan Research Projects
In a post-COVID-19 world, it will be more important than ever for countries to cooperate in enhancing public health education and online learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to school health (including hand washing, daily health checks, health education and providing accurate information about COVID-19) as well as EdTech in order to adapt the applicable school system so as to operate safely in a large number of countries.

The 2021 EDU-Port Research Project aims to identify the potential needs-seeds of countries/regions in the field of education in a With/Post COVID-19 pandemic context, as well as clarify the strategies and methods to resolve the issues through the utilization of Japanese-style education.

List of EDU-Port Japan Research Projects

EDU-Port Japan Supported Projects
The EDU-Port Japan Supported Projects aim to introduce Japanese-style education overseas so as to promote mutual understanding. The organizations taking part include universities, NPOs and private companies, and they carry out a wide range of projects in various partner countries and regions.

List of EDU-Port Japan Supported Projects



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