Sunday, December 20, 2020
“The Cultural Cities of East Asia” program was launched 2014 between Japan, China and South Korea. Every year, each country selects a city with the aim to develop their ties through culture and arts, and those cities host a variety of cultural and artistic events to introduce traditional and modern arts and culture as well as different lifestyles to visitors.
The cultural cities of East Asia chosen for 2021 are Kitakyushu City in Japan, Shaoxing City in East China, Dunhuang City in Northwest China, and Suncheon City in South Korea. As various exchange projects were postponed in 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus, Kitakyushu and Suncheon both chosen as cultural cities in 2020 will continue to host programs in 2021.
Joint Announcement on the selection of 2021 Cultural Cities of East Asia
MEXT Minister Hagiuda Koichi joined by Kitakyushu City Mayor Kitabashi Kenji attended the proclamation ceremony for the 2021 Cultural Cities of East Asia hosted by Kitakyushu on December 20.
In his congratulatory remarks, Minister Hagiuda said Japan, China and South Korea share the view that culture and art are extremely important for giving people the courage and joy in life, and agreed to work on revitalizing international cultural exchanges while taking thorough infection preventive measures. Minister Hagiuda said the 12th Japan-China-South Korea Culture Ministers’ Meeting will be held at an appropriate time to confirm trilateral cooperation on further developing ties through culture and art.
The Japanese minister added he hopes to advance collaborations between the four cities to create a movement towards the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, which is also a major cultural festival.
Next, Mayor Kitabashi said while many events beginning with the opening ceremony have been postponed or cancelled due to the effects of the coronavirus, culture and art would especially resonate in people’s hearts under this situation. The mayor said he is very happy to be chosen again as one of the cultural cities of East Asia, and the governments and people will work as one to create a cultural festival that remains in people’s hearts.
Kitakyushu city will hold a variety of events including promoting exchange projects with cities in China and South Korea, supporting the Kitakyushu Future Creation Arts festival ART for SDGs, and a cultural exchange ceremony to present representative performances of Japan, China and South Korea.
The souvenir frame presented at the proclamation ceremony by Minister Hagiuda to Mayor Kitabashi has received the eighth Master of Kitakyushu Skills Award. The frame created by Muramoto Yusaku uses delicate latticework technique.
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