Thursday, September 17, 2020

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“MEXT Minister Hagiuda gives inaugural address”(* Link to MEXT channel on YouTube)

MEXT Minister Hagiuda Koichi was reappointed as MEXT Minister for the Suga Cabinet formed on September 16.
At an inaugural ceremony, Minister Hagiuda said MEXT could not afford to pause the government, stressing that developing human resources and advancing science and technology leads to the creation of industries that ultimately benefit national interests. The minister asked employees to maintain an awareness and responsibility that MEXT has a duty to protect the foundations of Japan, and reiterated his determination to do his best together with the staff over the next year.
Minister Hagiuda said the Suga Cabinet vies to advance reforms by tearing down bureaucratic sectionalism, and called on employees to advance a work style so each department and division can draw firm conclusions on outstanding issues.

September 17
Minister Hagiuda’s inaugural address

September 16
Commemorative photo after first Cabinet Meeting at the Prime Minister’s official residence

Minister’s first day at the office after reappointment