Friday, October 18th, 2019
Science and Technology


This year’s 2019 Nobel laureate in chemistry YOSHINO Akira paid a courtesy visit to MEXT Minister HAGIUDA Koichi on October 18th. Dr. Yoshino said he hopes his award will help promote basic research- a field with an extremely low-level probability of success but must be cherished from the standpoint that one success is achieved from many failures.

Dr. Yoshino said he developed an interest in science during elementary school after his teacher introduced him to a book.

Minister Hagiuda said Dr. Yoshino’s experience shows how school teachers can have a lasting influence on children lives. He added Dr. Yoshino’s personal experience will be an inspiration for people who aim to become teachers in the future, to continue with their aspirations.

Dr. Yoshino said many elementary school children are inspired in some way between third to fourth grade which leads to their future course of action. He said it’s important to create opportunities for children not by pushing them but by piquing their curiosity. 

Dr. Yoshino ardently said he hopes children set their own goals and dreams. He advised children to cherish their seeds thought, and then slowly set specific targets. In this way, it will become clearer what they should do at respectively at each stage in their lives, including elementary school and in junior high school.