In accordance with the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (known as the Tokyo Convention), National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan (NIC-Japan) provides information on the Japanese higher education system and qualifications including the lists of Japanese higher education institutions.
Please refer to the NIC-Japan’s website below for detailed information.
National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan Website (※Link)

Note: The list of higher education institutions on the above website is provided based on Article VIII.1(c) of the Tokyo Convention and therefore includes all existing recognized higher education institutions defined under the “Guideline for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications”(MEXT). However, as the list is updated only once a year, it may not reflect information of institutions newly established, changed its name, or abolished within two years. If a certain institution cannot be found on the list, please send an inquiry message to NIC-Japan via contact form on the above website.

(Higher Education Policy Planning Division,Higher Education Bureau)