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1 Characteristics of the Teaching Staff
(3) Working Conditions of Teachers
b Annuity System for Teachers

There has been established the Mutual Benefit Annuity Union System designed for the nation-wide public school teachers as its members, providing such long-term allowances as retirement pensions, survivors' pensions and disability pensions, as well as short-term allowances for the sick and injured, suspension of service and those suffering from natural disasters. For the private school teachers there is a similar union, providing the same kinds of allowances as those of the public school teachers with nearly the same amount of benefits. There is also the Annuity Union of the Ministry of Education for the teachers of the state schools as national public officials, providing the same benefits as those of the public school teachers.

In most of the states of the United States there is a retirement pension system for public officials, including teachers. In the United Kingdom there is the national pension system for primary and secondary school teachers, and the teachers in the Federal Republic of Germany, France and U.S.S.R. benefit from the national public service pension system. Thus teachers of the major countries are granted retirement pensions and disability pensions under such systems, but allowances for the medical care and misemployment are provided under different systems. For example, in the Federal Republic of Germany such allowances are paid as a survivor's allowance while in the United States, tlie United Kingdom and U.S.S.R.,they are provided as part of the social security system for the general public.

Table 43. Retirement Pensions in .Major Countries

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