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1 Characteristics of the Teaching Staff
(3) Working Conditions of Teachers
a Working Conditions of Teachers

The average monthly pay (basic salary) of public school teachers at the beginning of 1964 was \36,508, \34,338, and \38,876 respectively for elementary, lower secondary and upper secondary school teachers.

The trend of the teachers' salary for the last few years is as follows. (The latest complete data available are for 1962). The average yearly salary of the elementary school teacher in 1962 was \547,154, including various allowances, and that of lower secondary school teachers was \514,437, and \645,107 was the average annual salary of teachers in upper secondary schools.

The elementary school teachers' salary has been raised in proportion to the growth of national income per capita.

Table 42. Trend of Teachers' Average Salary

The average salary of teachers is the highest in the upper secondary schools, followed by the elementary school teachers and then the lower secondary school teachers.

The salary scale for elementary school teachers is the same as that for lower secondary school teachers, but that of upper secondary school is different. The fact that the average salary of elementary school teacher is higher than that of lower secondary schools means that most of elementary school teachers have a longer period of service than lower secondary school teachers. The average period of service of elementary school teachers was 15.7 years in 1962, while that of lower secondary school teachers was 12.5 years.

The average annual salary of public elementary School teachers was 3.3 times as much as the per capita national income in 1962 which was \165,901.

The average salary in the United States was 2.3 times the per capita income and 2.5 times in the United Kingdom.

It may be added here that the salary of private school teachers, generally speaking, is low in comparison with that of public school teachers, especially that of upper secondary schools. The average annual salary of private elementary schools was \403,742, that of lower secondary school teachers \409,998 and that of upper secondary school teachers \405,601 in 1962.

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