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Please note that within the contents posted on the MEXT website before March 2014, and others which have no date specified, there are many contents which do not suggest or indicate third-party rights (date posted on website is indicated on the bottom-left hand side of each page).

c. The user must comply with the terms and conditions of the source provider for Content obtained through API (Application Programming Interface) links to external databases etc.

(Example of Content obtained through API links to external databases etc.)

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  • Niconico videos

Notes. Content where other terms of use apply
Please refer to the relevant link(s) below for details.
Terms of use other than the Terms of Use herein shall apply to the following Content. Please refer to the relevant links below for details.

1)YouTube Videos and Others
YouTube videos and others on the MEXT website have been posted without obtaining consent from the copyright owner and or performer. Some videos are thus, restricted from being reproduced, transmitted, translated, modified and or commercially used. Please confirm in advance with the corresponding department in charge.

Example: List of YouTube videos and channels

2)Contents Requiring Authorized Use due to Third-Party Rights
Third-party rights for the following items are not displayed due to specific request from the third party and or for decorative purpose. Upon using contents differing from clause 1.2), please confirm with the department in charge.

Example: graphics included on the top half of the cover page.

3)Contents which may not be Translated, Modified, or used for Business Purposes
A portion of the following contents may not be translated, modified, or used for business purposes. Upon usage, please confirm with the department in charge.

4)Contents in need of Notification and Payment for Usage
Upon usage of the following contents, a notification and or royalty fee must be paid. Please confirm with the department in charge.

Moreover, in the event of creating a derivative work of the contents below including a translation, mass distribution in print, or mentioning the contents in a publication, please contact the following department as a notification or royalty fee payment may be necessary.


Minister’s Secretariat, Management and Coordination Division, Public Relations Office

(Minister’s Secretariat, Management and Coordination Division, Public Relations Office)