Second Sport Basic Plan

Japan's second Sport Basic Plan was formulated on March 24, 2017, pursuant to the Basic Act on Sport.
Within the new Plan, in the interest of realizing basic ideas set forth in the Basic Act on Sport, mention is made on the comprehensive and systematic measures to be advanced over the next five years.
The Second Basic Plan defines citizens play a leading role in sport, and sport organizations shall directly provide citizens with sport opportunities. The plan stresses the importance of actively promoting sport via coordination and cooperation among citizens, sport organizations, private business operators, local governments, the national government and various other entities involved in sport.
The Second Basic Plan (April 2017~ March 2022) aims to increase the nation’s participation in sport by expanding various opportunities to experience, watch, and support sport so that people can enjoy a happy and fulfilled lives. The plan strives to realize the government’s policy of "Promoting the Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens" by creating a dynamic society and strong global ties.

-- Registration: November 2018 --