Japan Sports Agency symbol mark

Comprehensive promotion of sports administration in collaboration with relevant ministries

Japan Sports Agency symbol mark The JSA symbol mark incorporates the two Japanese characters; the katakana character for “su” and the kanji character for “hito”, or person. The two thick lines shooting upward are designed to portray an image of strength. The orange color chosen in the image of the sun represents a spirit of comradeship while having the psychological effect of relieving tension and giving strength.

The JSA launched in October 2015 aims to develop policies in a multiple range of areas such as: enhancing international competitiveness of top-level athletes; promoting disabled sports; improving physical strength and health through sport; revitalizing industry and regional societies through sport; advancing international contributions. The JSA anticipates the symbol mark will be utilized in a variety of fields, helping to disseminate the power and value of sport.

-- Registration: October 2015 --