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Part 1 Using Knowledge to Create Society and Economy for a New Era
Chapter 2 In the Era of Mega-Competition for Knowledge
Section 3 International Competition and Cooperation
2. International Strategies in Government

To increase own country's competitiveness, competition not only at a product technology and manufacturing technology level, but at the lower level of research environments and research management is becoming important. It is difficult for a single country to cover all aspects of today's advanced research and development of science and technology, so countries need to develop research environments that attract information and human resources. It is therefore necessary for countries' innovation systems to give due consideration to international harmonization, while making the most of Japan's originality.

In addition, policies for the protection and utilization of intellectual property, such as patents, are important to create innovations from the achievements of research and development, but if there is a difference between the scope and degree of the protection in different countries, it may be the case that appropriate competition does not occur. International cooperation is required to ensure that the intellectual property systems of individual countries are well-balanced.

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