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Chapter 4   For the Foundation of Trustworthy Schools
Section 1   To secure appealing and competent teachers
2.   Performance Assessments of Teachers and Treatment Which Reflects Their Efforts

  More highly motivated teachers who are willing to improve their own guidance and instruction skills are expected to get actively involved in school management. One of the vital issues concerning building trust among parents and guardians in schools is to motivate such teachers and draw out their ability. It is necessary to reward teachers for their accumulated efforts and excellent achievements in order to motivate those who have vigor and enthusiasm.

  It has been clear in many places that the result of teachers' assessments has not been fully reflected in the teachers' treatment.

  To change this condition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has conducted research and study projects across the country concerning the issues of the personnel management of teachers. The aim of these researches was to recognize excellent teachers and to implement a subsequent special pay raise system.

  It is expected that if teachers are properly evaluated for their daily efforts and achievements, they would work harder with confidence toward the establishment of more understandable classes and more enjoyable schools for children.

  Some boards of education have already started projects for the implementation of new assessment systems for teachers. For example, the Tokyo Board of Education implemented the "Skill Building Performance Appraisal System" in 2000, and the Kagawa Prefecture Board of Education also implemented a new appraisal system in 2001. The Osaka Board of Education started to experiment with a new appraisal and training system. The boards of education of Saitama, Kanagawa, and Hiroshima prefectures created reports on the implementation of new appraisal systems.


"Skill Building Performance Appraisal System" of the Tokyo Board of Education

  The Tokyo Board of Education implemented the "Skill Building Performance Appraisal System" in 2000.

"Skill Building Performance Appraisal System" is a system aiming at developing the skills of teachers.

  The appraisal system has two pillars: self-assessment and performance evaluation. By introducing self-assessment, the appraisal has become a two-way street. Based on the self-assessment and performance evaluation, headmasters or deputy headmasters give appropriate advice or instructions to teachers. It is expected that the skills, ability and morals of teachers improve, teachers are allocated to the proper positions, and the school organization becomes more active through such trainings, self-development, and appropriate treatment, etc.

[Process of implementation of personnel appraisal]

(1) Each teacher sets objectives in accordance with the principles of school education and the management policies that a headmaster makes.
(2) A teacher makes the maximum effort to achieve objectives using his or her skills and abilities.
(3) Based on the class observations, efforts made by the teacher, the self-appraisal and interviews, the headmaster and deputy headmaster make a fair and proper appraisal of the teacher's performance, and give guidance and instructions for the next year.

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