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Chapter 2   Towards Advancement of "Academic Ability"
Section 5   Toward better curriculum standards
(3)   Permanent organization for curriculum development

  The Ministry consolidated several councils established under the old Ministry of Education under the Central Education Council during the administrative reform of the central government in January 2001, and the subcommittee for the primary and secondary education took a general responsibility for all aspects in the field of primary and secondary education. In addition, the Ministry established the Curriculum Committee (to take over the functions fulfilled by the then Curriculum Council) as a permanent organization.

  In the future, the Committee is going to comprehensively review and evaluate the curriculum standards, including the Course of Study, and flexibly change and improve as required, based on the outcomes of practical studies at experimental schools mentioned in (1), the results of various studies and researches including a national academic ability study mentioned in (2) and the results of the survey on public attitude toward curriculums which is to be conducted regularly.

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