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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q23: It is said that common sense of teachers is somewhat removed from that of people in general.What measures are being implemented to encourage teachers to look outside the classroom walls and introduce various experiences outside the school?

A:Social experience training in facilities out-side school is being implemented for teach-ers to enable them to build up a variety ofexperiences.

There is no difference between teachers and other members of society.In school society it is essential that teachers do not close themselves off in their specialized world,but rather have a broad scope of vision.From this perspective,social experience training is being promoted for teachers for long-term periods(from one month to one year)and short-term periods(from one day to one week).For example:nursing in special homes for the aged,reference work in libraries,reception work in department stores and hotels,sales ac-tivities in companies,production line work in factories,and volunteer activities in environ-mental protection.

Trends in Long-term Social Experience Training for Teachers

Naturally,it is important that teachers surpass this social experience training and widen their own perspectives from a parochial level by,for example,participating willfully in regional vol-unteer activities during summer holidays and at weekends,and having exchange with a variety of people from all walks of life.We expect teachers to voluntarily make such efforts.

Comments from teachers who have participated in the social experience training
I have improved my relations with other people through coming into contact with a variety ofother people out of school.
Experiencing the strictness of private companies has improved my desire to participate inschool management and for school reform.
My horizons have been widened,and I am now able to see and consider things from variousdifferent perspectives.

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