Elucidation of the mechanisms relating to changes in biological robustness associated with aging and control of age-related diseases


One urgent issue in Japan, which is experiencing the most rapidly aging society in the world and is entering a super-aging society, is achieving extended life expectancy by reducing the gap between the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy and ensuring a longer healthy life expectancy in order to improve the QOL of the elderly and to suppress the increase in medical expenses.
In this objective, in order to accelerate efforts toward the realization of a longer healthy life expectancy, we will develop the research findings on the aging mechanism, etc. obtained thus far, and contribute to elucidating the mechanism relating to the control of age-related diseases, etc. In addition, by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as advanced measurement and analysis technologies and exploring the fundamental principles of aging, we will promote new aging research based on the mechanism of the basic principle of aging itself. Through these, we will contribute to the search for new seeds, the prevention of age-related diseases, and the development of therapeutic agents.


Strategic Planning, Research and Development Division