Recycling technology using a material conversion system pioneered through “Convergence of Knowledge”


This strategic objective aims to realize a carbon-neutral society in 2050 by developing innovative materials and systems through material science, chemical engineering, advanced measurement, etc., and through the creation and use of “Convergence of Knowledge” using close cooperation with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), economics, and society, including understanding of material circulation. We will develop an innovative material conversion system platform by creating and utilizing “Convergence of Knowledge” through close cooperation with science. In the past, material conversion systems have been constructed from the bottom up through research and development in natural science such as catalyst materials, but in order to construct a material conversion system with truly social value, it is thought necessary to ensure development using “Convergence of Knowledge” with the addition of knowledge about the humanities and social sciences. In other words, in the conversion of environmentally hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide and abundant stable oxides into valuable substances, the purpose is to establish resource recovery technology that has two “wheels”: the development of substances and materials that contribute to the improvement of energy conversion efficiency and the reaction rate, and the LCA of substance conversion systems and evaluation of economic and social values.


Strategic Planning, Research and Development Division