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Part 1: Towards the 21st Century
Chapter 3: The Relationship Between Science and Technology and Society in the 21st Century
Section 5: Expectations for a New Science and Technology Administrative Framework
(1) Framework to Formulate Science and Technology Policy

(General Science and Technology Council)

The General Science and Technology Council is responsible for basic policy for the planned and comprehensive promotion of science and technology, policies for the distribution of budget, personnel and other resources, and the assessment of nationally important research and development.

In contrast to the existing Council for Science and Technology, which excluded the field relating to human and social sciences, this Council deals with the overall strategy for science and technology, combining the field of natural sciences and human and social sciences, so it is very timely in terms of the knowledge-based society of the 21st century which will call for the integration and redevelopment of knowledge.

This Council is expected to indicate the basic strategy for science and technology policy, and perform overall coordination, such as disclosing clear targets which can be easily understood by the general public.

(Ministry of Education and Science)

The Ministry of Education and Science is expected to further the science and technology education for each public by comprehensively promoting academic and further the science and technology administration by promoting research and development which meets social and economic needs and research in universities which plays a central role in creating many intellectual assets in a knowledge-based society, and by tackling issues in an integrated manner with educational administration, lifelong education administration and science and technology administration.

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