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Part 1: Towards the 21st Century
Chapter 3: The Relationship Between Science and Technology and Society in the 21st Century
Section 2: Responding to a Knowledge-Based Society
2. Creation and Utilization of Knowledge and Penetration to Society

(1) Current State of Creation and Utilization of Knowledge and Penetration to Society in Japan

In the transition towards a knowledge-based society, in order for Japan to continue to secure its position as one of the most developed countries, Japan must work to develop our own powerful knowledge.

{1} The Creation and Utilization of Knowledge

Currently, viewed from the number of theses and patent applications, Japan is still a long way behind the United States in terms of the creation of high-quality knowledge at the world's highest standard, revolutionary technology, its application, and the accumulation of research results are not described as adequate.

Looking at the future direction of society, it is necessary to create and accumulate innovational knowledge to facilitate breakthroughs, and to strengthen the initiatives to utilize them in society.

{2} Penetration of Science and Technology Knowledge to Society

Education provides the greatest opportunity for the public to gain knowledge about science and technology and to acquire the ability to assess it appropriately. It is also important to provide adults with opportunities to obtain information about science and technology, and to absorb knowledge concerning ever-developing science and technology.

In a knowledge-based society, it is desirable that the public have attitude to learn and understand wide areas of science.

(2) Integration of Knowledge

Recently, problems whose harmonized solutions cannot be found when individuals are advancing their own research in their respective fields of science and technology, such as global environment, and problems whose research results may threaten society such as energy problems, are increasing. Thus research should be promoted with multiple perspectives.

For these reasons it is necessary to arrange, integrate and redevelop the vast amount of knowledge accumulated during the 20th century and newly generated knowledge in different fields, and including human and social sciences.

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