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Scientific Research: Opening the Door to the Future
Chapter 3 New Trends in the Promotion of Science
Section 1: Toward A Prioritized Research Promotion System
1. Basic Thinking

The promotion of scientific research depends on continually improving the infrastructure described in Chapter 2, Section 1 , including research personnel, funds, facilities and equipment, and scientific information and resources, across the entire spectrum of research fields. In promoting research on specific themes, it is also important to create and utilize systems designed to support prioritized, intensive research by appropriately combining research funds and other elements.

To give some examples, the system of unit cost per professor, which is calculated on a per teacher basis in national universities, is effective for supporting fundamental, day-to-day research activities and for maintaining the overall standard of scientific research. The promotion of research through competitive funding, such as grants-in-aid for scientific research, has been an extremely effective mechanism for encouraging the further development of specific findings that emerge in the course of fundamental research.

MESSC is working to ensure the efficient utilization of human and material resources to accommodate new research needs arising from scientific advances and socioeconomic change. It is also promoting science through the continuing development of research across the entire spectrum of fields and through the prioritized encouragement of research on specific themes.

There is an ongoing need to encourage scientific research from a long-term, comprehensive perspective through the balanced management of these two promotion systems. As discussed at the beginning of this report. MESSC places considerable importance on the continuing enhancement and utilization of prioritized research promotion systems to ensure a sensitive response to society's needs while adapting to changes in the research environment.

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