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Chapter 3   For the Cultivation of "Richness in Mind"
Section 3   Efforts Aimed at Nurturing "Richness in Mind"
1.   Fundamental Concept of Measures

  Considering the situations children live in today, it is necessary to reinforce the cooperation among schools, homes, and local communities to nurture "Richness in Mind" in children. Based on the current situation where opportunities for actual life experience, social experience and interaction with nature are not easily accessible, although they are regarded as indispensable for the healthy upbringing of children, schools, homes and local communities must work in harmony to provide such opportunities in a focused and a planned manner. Appropriate measures must be taken for the improvement of school activities, as well as for the better educational function of homes and communities.

  With respect to school education, the role of school as a "place to nurture the minds of children" must be reviewed to promote further promotion of moral education. In addition, schools are recognized as educational hubs for the local communities, and it is important to enhance the open school system in order to provide support for homes and communities so that they are able to fulfill their roles.

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