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Chapter 2   Towards Advancement of "Academic Ability"
Section 1   The Kind of "Academic Ability" We Should Strive for Now

  In the coming age, as the Internet, etc., develops, and the advanced information and communication society progresses, everyone will be able to get, send and exchange diverse information in an instant. Intellectual services with high added value will play an even more important role in society, leading to further progress towards a "knowledge-based society" where highly specialized knowledge and information is the power that moves society.

  Such movement towards a "knowledge-based society" is expected to change our social environment at a dizzying pace in interaction with the rapid advance of science and technology and the progress of globalization in society and the economy. As a result, talented people who can understand and solve problems, continually renewing knowledge and skills, are in demand.

  Based on the above social background, in primary and secondary education, rather than taking the approach that children will complete their education while attending school, it is necessary to enable them to learn the basics and fundamentals required to live independently in an era of social changes. Children must develop academic ability in a real sense. This includes motivation for learning, and the ability to think, judge, express, etc., to solve problems, and to continue learning with self-motivation for life. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) calls such ability "Academic Ability" and has been advancing measures to develop it.

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