Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

MEXT Minister, SHIBAYAMA Masahiko, visited the Hitotsubashi University campus on August 27th to talk to Hitotsubashi University President, TADENUMA Koichi, and other research heads on the university’s organizational reform, leading research in the humanities and sciences in which the barriers between departments are traditionally low, and contributions to society.

SATO Motohiro, Head of the Hitotsubashi’s School of International and Public Policy, explained the university’s joint research with other science universities and external organizations. On advancing international collaborations, OSHIO Takashi, Director at the Institute of Economic Research spoke on advancing policy making that utilizes a globally outstanding data base on economic society. MIYAGAWA Daisuke, Associate Professor at the Research Center for Economics introduced innovations in analyzing social sciences utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
The university staff introduced a range of promising research that uses leading analysis methods to define the role of humans in an era of Artificial Intelligence based on the results AI predictions and human predictions, along with research on solving practical issues including the redistribution of human resources and optimum pricing.

Following the visit, Minister Shibayama said as a picture with worth a thousand words, it is a totally different experience to go out and visit the campus and facilities and directly talk to the staff working there. The minister said his visit was extremely fruitful in understanding how the university is striving to create new areas of research by cutting across the humanities and science departments, improving its international recognition in education, and on the results of it social and practical research in the field statistics. The minister said was able to clearly see how the university has rapidly advanced reforms just within the last few years. He pledged to offer the university steady support including securing personnel to realize its various initiatives. 

Photo 1    TADENUMA Koichi, President of Hitotsubashi University

Photo 2    SATO Motohiro, Professor at the School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University

Photo 3 OSHIO Takashi, Director at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Photo 4  MIYAGAWA Daisuke, Associate Professor at the Hitotsubashi University Research Center for Economics