Friday, August 30th, 2019


The culture ministers of Japan, China and South Korea met on August 30th for the 11th culture ministers' meeting in the city of Incheon in South Korea. MEXT Minister, SHIBAYAMA Masahiko, and the Commissioner of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs, MIYATA Ryohei, attended the meeting from Japan, along with the culture ministers Park Yang-woo of South Korea and Luo Shugang of China. The ministers reviewed the progress made since their last meeting and on further promoting cooperation in cultural areas.

The culture ministers adopted the Incheon Declaration which aims for Japan-China-South Korea to work on steadily promoting and enhancing exchanges and cooperation in cultural areas between the three nations. The following items are included in the declaration:
1    China’s Yangzhou, South Korea’s Suncheon and Japan’s Kitakyushu were designated as Culture Cities of East Asia 2020;
2    Promote exchanges among young people through exchange projects between the culture cities of East Asia, create a logo mark to strengthen disseminating information, promote exchanges between the culture cities of ASEAN and culture capitals of Europe;
3    Implement a Japan-China-South Korea joint culture program during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics and examine ways for China and South Korea to jointly participate in the Games.

Japan also held separate bilateral meetings on August 29th respectively with South Korea and China.

The Japan-China-South Korea Cultural Ministers’ Meeting has been held annually ever since its launch in 2007 based on the mutual respect and trust between the three countries. After the meeting, Minister Shibayama said advancing cooperation and exchange in culture fields among Japan, China and South Korea will enhance mutual understanding between the people at the grassroots level and will serve as a major force and meaning to improve and advance relations between the three countries. The minister said he hopes to improve and develop mutual relations by advancing specific cultural exchange projects between Japan-China-South Korea, Japan and China and or Japan and South Korea.

*    Link to Incheon Declaration (available in Japanese only)
*    Link to Description of Culture Cities of East Asia (available in Japanese only)

Photo 1        11th Japan-China-South Korea culture ministners’ meeting


Photo 2        South Korea’s culture minister Park Yang-woo

Photo 3        China’s culture minister Luo Shugang    

Photo 4        Incheon Declaration Signing Ceremony

Photo 5     Designation of Culture Cities of East Asia 2020



Photo 6        Japan-China-South Korea Arts Festival