Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
Education / Culture

Secretary-General of ASEAN H.E. Dao Lim Jock Hoi paid a courtesy visit to MEXT Minister Shibayama Masahiko on May 14th.

Secretary-General Lim spoke about the guidelines formulated at the 4th ASEAN Plus Three Education Ministerial Meeting held in 2018 including the “Guidelines and Supplementary Information on issuing Exchange Students’ Learning History/ Transcripts”. Lim said he hopes more Japanese students will study overseas in ASEAN countries, and stressed education will be a key factor in advancing Japan’s future development.

Minister Shibayama introduced the “Asia in Resonance 2019” initiative, which aims to deepen cultural exchanges between Japan and ASEAN nations through a variety of cultural exchange events scheduled over the year in the fields of movies, music, dance and the arts.

Secretary-General Lim spoke enthusiastically about strengthening the cultural network among ASEAN member nations and boosting cooperation with Japan through the various cultural-exchange programs arranged under the initiative.