Wednesday, April 17th, 2019


The MEXT Institution Reform Promotion Headquarters held its first meeting on April 17th to discuss reforming the ministry’s organizational culture. The headquarters comprised of members including the MEXT Minister, Senior Vice Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Vice Ministers and Director Generals is responsible for checking and examining the status of the progress being made for the 46 measures stipulated in the MEXT Action Plan for Revitalization, along with discussing any necessary additional measures.

The 46 measures include a diverse range of action plans such as strengthening MEXT’s organizational structure and governance, personnel reform, improving the ministry’s policy-making functions based on the field’s needs, improving the ministry’s public relations functions and operations. The first meeting focused on the following topics, including reports on measures launched from April, and the future course of action.

-Update on the establishment of a third-party compliance team including lawyers, meetings between director generals on promoting work improvement;
-MEXT ministers to create organization management guidelines, scheduling lunch meetings between the ministers and young staff;
-Thorough distribution of personnel according to their quality, skills and aptitude regardless of the individual’s recruitment division, year, age and or gender, enhance personnel training;
-Pilot implementation of a proposal-based policy formation including utilizing AI;
-Improving the ministry’s overall public relations system and the establishment of a public relations promotion team.

Ahead of the transfer of the office of the Agency for Cultural Affairs from Tokyo to Kyoto, participants also discussed utilizing TV conferences between Tokyo and Kyoto. Participants also introduced how the ministry was awarded by the Cabinet Bureau of Personnel Affairs for advancing measures to improve employees work-life balance.

After the discussions, Minister Shibayama asked the director generals to take leadership to begin swiftly implementing measures that can be readily advanced and to communicate to the staff in their own words what must be done now. The minister said the staff’s efforts are beginning to bear fruit, and asked everyone to continue advancing reforms while sharing their case studies.

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★    MEXT Action Plan for Revitalization
Following the spate of scandals involving MEXT, the MEXT Action Plan for Revitalization was drawn up based on proposals from experts and an internal taskforce comprised of young and mid-level employees. The action plan covers a diverse range of areas including reviewing MEXT’s organizational structure, strengthening governance, advancing personnel reform, strengthening policy making based on the field’s needs and strengthening public relations functions.

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