This conference focuses on promoting and developing sport for young people (aged 13-18) in schools and communities. Through the exchange of views and knowledge with university authorities and experts in other countries, it aims to find an overall picture and direction of measures for sport promotion for youth in Japan.

Time and Date ;

December 3, 2009 (Thursday) between 12:30 and 17:00
December 4, 2009 (Friday) between 9:30 and 12:00

Venue ;

Hotel Nikko Tokyo (1-9-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Prospective Participants ;

Person related to local public authorities (in charge of organizing school physical education or sports administration),person related to regional sports club, club coaches, academic experts, researchers in sports sciences, school officials, teachers, etc.

Number of participants ;

500 participants are expected
We close registration when we have 500 participants. (If your application is not accepted because of the limited seating, you are informed.)

Application for registration ;

Fill in the attached application form and send it by E-mail or facsimile by October 30, 2009.

Registration fee ;

No charge to participate in the conference.
Reception party is optional.<span If you would like to attend to the party, 5,000 yen is needed.

Official Support ;

Association Intenationale des Ecoles Superieures d'Education Physique (International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education), National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health, Japanese school physical education research federation, Nippon Junior High School Physical Culture Association, All Japan High School Athletic Federation, Japan Sports Association, Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences, Japanese Society of Sport Education, Japan Society for the Pedagogy of Physical Education.

Program ;

December 3 (Thursday) ; Keynote address and symposium panel discussion.
12:00- Registration
12:30-13:00 Opening Ceremony
13:00-13:50 Keynote Speech ; Future of Youth Sport in Japan
13:50-17:00 Symposium ; Status and current issues for promoting youth sport in other countries
13:50-15:40 Report on current status and issues of promoting youth sport in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Germany
15:40-16:00 Short break
16:00-17:00 Panel Discussion and Q&A Session
17:30- Reception ; Informal meeting and communication with the speakers while enjoying Enbu performance by Nippon Sport Science University.

December 4 (Friday) ;

Discussion sessions

Activities and programs for promoting youth sport are shown by using pictures and videos. Each presentation includes 20 minutes’ presentation and 10 minutes’ question and answer.

9:30- Registration
Session 1 ; Within Education System: “Promoting Youth Sport in Schools”
10:00-10:30 Changing values of Physical Education in the UK (UK)
10:30-11:00 Current issues in school sport clubs (JAPAN)
11:00-11:30 Sport in schools in Ohio State (US)
11:30-12:00 Sport in schools in Queensland (Australia)

Session2 ;

Establishing Sporting Link: “Promoting Youth Sport in Schools and Community”

10:00-10:30 Cooperation between school and sport clubs (Germany)
10:30-11:00 Comprehensive Community Sports Clubs in Japan (Japan)
11:00-11:30 Sport in Singapore Sports School (Singapore)
11:30-12:00 Question and answer

Speaker, panelists, and coordinators. ;
Speaker ;
Akemi Matsuda, Sport Journalist, member of the Sports/Youth Subcommittee of the Central Council for Education

Panelists ;

David Kirk (University of Bedfordshire, UK)
Annette R. Hofmann(Paedagogische Hochschule Ludwingsburg, Germany)
Jackie Goodway (Ohio State University, United States)
Louise McCuaig (University of Queensland, Australia)
Deborah Tan (Singapore Sports School)
Kazunobu Umemura (All Japan High School Athletic Federation)
Masaaki Hirosaki (Japan Sports Association)
Irwin Seet (Singapore Sports School)

Coordinators ;

Takeo Takahashi(Japan Sport Science University)
Yoshinori Okade(University of Tsukuba)
Hiromi Miki(University of Tsukuba)
Yutaka Sato(MEXT)
Kazuya Shirahata(MEXT)

Simultaneous interpretation is provided in the opening ceremony, symposium panel discussions, and discussion sessions. All the presentations and answers in English and German are translated into Japanese. And questions in Japanese are translated into either English or German.

Contact details ;

MEXT, Sport & Youth Bureau, Policy Planning Division
Phone ; +81 (0)3-6734-2674
Fax ; +81 (0)3-6734-3790
E-mail ;


Policy Planning Division, Sport & Youth Bureau

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