Press Release
August 27, 2007

The meeting of Sports Ministers from the Asian region was held in Osaka on August 27, 2007, with 26 countries participating.


The meeting focused on reinforcing the promotion of sports in the Asian region and enhancing the presence of the Asian region in the world of international sports so as to ensure the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


  • The continuous organization of future Meetings of Asian Sports Ministers
  • The dissemination and promotion of anti-doping activities
  • The promotion of international exchanges among athletes and trainers
  • Asian cooperation in advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Date & Venue

August 27, 2007 (13:30-16:50)
Mayor's Mansion, Osaka (address: 10-35 Amijima-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka city.)

Participant Countries and Organizations

  • 26 countries from the Member States of the Olympic Council of Asia
  • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

(Notes: “Final Participants List” is attached to this document.)

Outline of the Result of the Meeting

  • The Minister in Charge of Sports in the MEXT, Mr. Toshiaki Endo, chaired the Meeting.
  • A declaration urging each Asian country to strive to raise the competitiveness of the athletes and promote international exchanges via sports for the sake of the Beijing Olympics' success, was adopted. (Notes: “Declaration for the Success of the Beijing Olympics” is attached to this document.)
  • The participants reconfirmed once again the importance of anti-doping activities. It was, furthermore, stressed that countries that have yet to ratify “The International Convention against Doping in Sport” will be strongly expected to strive to sign the convention as promptly as possible. It was also pointed out that each Asian country should do its best to establish a framework for anti-doping cooperation in the Asian region
  • Participants concurred that this type of meeting ought to be held continuously from now on, and agreed to hold the next one in Iran.
  • The Chairman summarized the discussions at the meeting. (Notes: “Chair's Summary” is attached to this document.)


Sports-for-All Division, Sports and Youth Bureau

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(Sports-for-All Division, Sports and Youth Bureau)