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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q43: What are the objectives of the National Center for University Entrance Examination(NCUEE)examinations?

A:The NCUEE examinations,which have beenconducted since FY1990,are jointly imple-mented by universities with the main objec-tive of evaluating the basic learningachievements of university applicants at up-per secondary school level and provide basicinformation for universities to use in the se-Iection of a diverse variety of entrants.In addition to national and public univer-sities,private universities may also use theNC UEE examinations.

The specific application of the NCUEE exami-nations is termed the"A la carte method,"in which each university is able to freely determine subject areas and subjects and the allocation of scores based on its own discretion and ideas.In other words,by combining the NCUEE ex-arninations with their own individual examina-tions,universities can make a balanced assess-ment of the ability and aptitude of applicants for university education,and diversify the selection of entrants.

Trends in Universities Using the NCUEE Examinations(FY200O)

Number of universities that use the university entrance examinatiion center

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