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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q21: No matter how much you improve educational content,in the final analysis it all depends on how the teachers teach their subjects,as they are the people who have direct contact with children.What measures are you taking to ensure that appealing teachers can be trained and employed?

A:We are making efforts to train and secure outstanding teachers using various methods,including improving university lectures anddiversifying the methods of employment.

Improving the training of teachers at university

In June1998the Educational Personnel Certifi-cation Law was revised,and the curriculum to train educationalists at universities was changed.

Contents of the Revisions to the Educational Personnel Certification Law

Introduction of elective subjects(Credits necessary for obtaining first-class teaching certificates)

Utilizing Diverse Methods of Employment

In order to secure a diverse range of human re-sources rich in individuality,the boards of edu-cation of prefectures and designated cities are planning to diversify methods and standards of selection,aiming to place importance on char-acter appraisal.The employment schedule is also being accelerated.

In order to employ as teachers those people who have particularly excellent results or capabili-ties,and those with a wealth of experience,a number of prefectures and cities are implementing special methods of selection.

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