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Part2 Educational Reform Q&A
Q1: They say lifelong learning is a learning activity which everyone can take part in at any time during life and in any place,but to me it seems only for adults.Could you elaborate on lifelong learning activities that are available for children?

A:Lifelong learning is certainly not only for adults.

In order to raise robust children who have aspi-rations,it is important to carry out a variety of extracurricular hands-on activities at home and in the local community,as well as in school life.For example,learning through a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities such as playing in rivers and climbing mountains is a form of life-long learning for children.This is because chil-dren can develop creativity by being inventive while playing,learn about the strength,wonder and beauty of nature and develop an affection for plants and animals.In addition,cultivating a sense of responsi-bility and independence by helping out around the home,and learning a variety of things in museums,art galleries and other facilities through their five senses are other forms of life-long learning.Therefore,there are many opportunities for chil-dren to experience lifelong leaming in their sur-roundings.Nowadays,there are many opportunities for us,regardless of whether we are children or adults,to participate in various cultural activities,sports and recreational and volunteer activities where we can learn things of interest to us in a variety of settings,such as in communities,rather than simply at school or work.Lifelong learning means to study,using methods suited to the individual,anything that we want to do or learn for any reason,be it for work or self improvement,out of interest or to have a sense of purpose in life.It could be studying economics outside of school or work,having an interest in music and learning the piano,or even traveling to experience different cultures.Naturally,an important form of lifelong learn-ing for adults is studying in order to advance their careers.This is because we face the con-stant need to acquire new knowledge and skills due to rapid technological change,and cannot keep up with change unless we continue to study even after completing school.In addition,social participation by the elderly through a variety of learning activities is also a significant form of lifelong learning for society.Therefore in its various forms,lifelong learn-ing is learning activity in which anyone,from children to adults,can freely choose learning opportunities throughout their lives.

Rafting teaches the thrills and spills of the river

A child diligently learns how to make straw sandals

MESSC is promoting a variety of measures to achieve a lifelong learning society in which peo-ple can freely choose leaming opportunities at any time in their lives and where there is an ap-propriate evaluation of achievements.We are establishing diverse learning opportunities andsettings and providing information about learning opportunities and places where learningachievements can be utilized.

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