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Part1 Chapter1:Results Achieved Through Educational Reform Chapter2:The Progress of Educational Reform to Date Chapter3:Future Developments in Educational Reform Chapter4:Global Trends in Educational Reform
Chapter1 Results Achieved Through Educational Reform

Students enjoying the first swimming class of the year

Fifteen years have passed since the inauguration of the National Council on Educational Reform in1984.In the meantime,the Ministry of Edu-cation,Science,Sports and Culture has moved forward with educational reform in accordance with the four reports of the Council.As a result,Japanese education has witnessed great changes as we move toward an education system in which each and every child can make fullest use of his or her individuality and ability,and toward the realization of a lifelong learning society in which everyone can learn in accor-dance with their ability,aptitude,volition and interest throughout their lives.The chart below provides you with a simple comparison of the state of educational reform at the time of the inauguration of the National Council on Educa-tional Reform and the present.

(1)Establishment of the lifelong learning system

(2)Reform of elementary and lower secondary education

(3)Reform of higher education

(4)Promotion of Science

(5)Promotion of culture

(6)Promotion of sports

(7)Response to internationalization

(8)Response to the information society

(9)Enhancement of educational administration and finance

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