Creation of innovative quantum control technology through integrating quantum information and quantum materials


Quantum technology is regarded to be an innovative technology that will engender major changes in the future not only in Japanese society but in the world, and research and development competition in this field is intensifying both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, due to the sensitivity and complexity of quantum state control, one single idea, for example, in quantum computers, which qubit type will be superior in the future has not yet been decided, has the potential to change the existing methodology and world view. A deeper understanding of “quantum information *1” is indispensable to be able to create these new ideas, and for this purpose, it is extremely important that we widely utilize knowledge of condensed matter physics, the basis of quantum control technology, wherein lies Japan’s strength. In other words, it is effective to combine quantum information and “quantum materials *2” to achieve a gamechanger originating in Japan.
Therefore, in this strategic objective, we aim to integrate quantum information and quantum materials, and carry out research and development to understand, functionalize, and control the “quantum many-body system *3” that is the node between the two. This will give rise to innovative quantum control technology, which will lead to the creation of unprecedented quantum devices and materials.
* 1: Information of a quantum state such as a qubit, which is represented by a superposition of “0” and “1”.
* 2: Quantum mechanical properties expressed in substances and materials
* 3: A system in which a large number of particles that behave quantum-mechanically, such as electrons, interact with each other.


Strategic Planning, Research and Development Division