Comprehensive understanding and advanced prediction and control of complex transport phenomena


The transport of momentum, energy, and mass are dynamic phenomena that occur everywhere around us, for example convection or diffusion in the environment or in vivo.
These phenomena are related to a wide range of fields, including energy, the environment, medical care, manufacturing, and disaster risk reduction. At present, the understanding and prediction, and control of these phenomena remain at relatively primitive stage, and initial conditions or boundary conditions available are limited. However, against the background of the flourishing of data-driven science and growing industrial needs, momentum and expectations are rising for advancing detailed measurements and analysis of more complex transport phenomena and the elucidation of these phenomena based on such analysis, which is expected to lead to advanced prediction and control.
By promoting the integration of three types of approach, namely, experiments, mathematical theory, and computational science, this Target aims at the advanced elucidation, prediction, and control of complex transport phenomena through cross-disciplinary research and from new perspectives that incorporate not only conventional deductive approach but also inductive approach.