Precise arrangement toward functionality

1. Overview

As can be seen in carbon allotropes (e.g. graphene and diamond), biopolymers (e.g. DNA and protein), and functional materials (e.g. liquid crystalline molecules and gas separation membranes), the properties and functionalities of materials are highly dependent on not only composition but also sequence structure. Therefore, precise arrangement of atoms and molecules is an important factor in the design of functional materials. Further, the structural purity of materials directly affects the performance in device applications.
This strategic objective aims to obtain new guidelines for the design of functional materials, by developing technologies for positioning atoms and molecules as intended from one to three dimensions, and technologies for controlling the order of arrangement. Also, this objective focuses on the development of analytical techniques for controlled structures and electronic states of materials in atomic-level, which can clarify the relation between functionality and nanoscale arrangement in materials.

2. Targets

This strategic objective aims to develop technologies for arranging atoms and molecules precisely in the intended positions and order, and to obtain new guidelines for the design of functional materials. In particular, the following three targets are to be achieved.
(1) Development and systematization of technologies for controlling one to three dimensional arrays and sequences
(2) Development of technologies for analyzing and measuring controlled structure
(3) Creation of materials with physical properties and functionalities derived from nanoscale arrangement


Office for Basic Research Projects, Basic Research Promotion Division, Research Promotion Bureau