Technology infrastructure for the post-COVID society built by "Convergence of Knowledge"


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the research of vaccines, treatment drugs and diagnostic has been strongly pushed forward in Japan and abroad. On the other hand, in order to deal with the long-term impact on society caused by the pandemic, return to safe and secure daily lives, and open up a new economic society, it will be necessary to bring together and integrate the knowledge of not only the medical field but all related fields as well.
Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the momentum for interdisciplinary research across various fields has been accelerating, and the importance of such research is also being demonstrated overseas in major countries and frameworks like the OECD. Moreover, in Japan, in the discussions for the Science, Technology and Innovation Basic Plan, "Convergence of Knowledge", which includes the humanities and social sciences, is being advocated in order to respond to the various complex issues of today.
Based on this situation, the Target aims at amassing scientific knowledge that goes beyond the boundaries of individual research institutes and fields to prepare for future pandemics and at promoting research that will build technology infrastructure for the post-COVID society.


Office for Basic Research Projects, Basic Research Promotion Division, Research Promotion Bureau